Lowestoft "Scores" and Beach Village.

This particular project really resonated with me because as someone brought up in a town which once relied on fishing as its main industry (Hull), it was sad to see a similar fate had befallen Lowestoft. I found inspiration in seeking out the remnants of times when Lowestoft was great in the fishing industry. Surely nowhere now has more leftovers from these times than the north end of the town. This is where the Scores are situated as well as some of the buildings still paying tribute to times gone bye. Also a short way up the coast once stood the old Beach Village that began on the Denes in the 1760s and was, for around 250 years, the most easterly community in Britain. A few large, rusty anchors on the pebbled foreshore north of Whapload Road, together with the remnants of some net drying racks, are all that remains of the Beach Companies and their village although there is a Maritime Museum in this area. I personally get great please from roaming around these area and just exploring the past. Being able to photograph what I find I consider a privilege and I hope that some day in decades to come that these images can be used to record what is left of some small part of Lowestoft’s history during my time living in the area.


London Road North, Lowestoft.

Maltster's Score

Area of old Beach Village

Fishing net drying racks

Mariner's Score

Martin's score